About Us

Untill May 2018, LangitRimba was operated as part of a much sought after family owned eco stay known as Awanmulan. 


Awanmulan has operated in Pantai Hills since about 2010 and is situated on a high bluff in mountainous terrain within forest forming part of a permanent forest reserve. A forest that is 130 million years old (even many Malaysians are not aware that our forests are about 50 million years older than the Amazon!). The picturesque area also houses other resorts such as the Dusun and Shorea. 

Awanmulan comprised of both a eastern and western hill side land. The eastern plot comprised of three units, Teratak Bonda, Sunrise and Kesidang, and a salted forest facing swimming pool and a viewing hut.


Since April 2018, the eastern hill side land was acquired by the present owners and operated as LangitRimba (a reference to both the sky and forest which dominate one’s visual perspective). 


Teratak Bonda has been renamed “Hornbill Terrace” (in honor of majestic birds that inhabit the surrounding forest). LangitRimba will seek to add to the voices calling aloud for the preservation of our eco-heritage in a sustainable manner.


LangitRimba continues to represent a date with solitude and nature - leaving clutter and commitment behind. Laying down professional armor. Silencing noisy gadgets. Tuning into the songs of birds and cicadas. Hiking into cool shades of millennial forest. Swimming in untouched forest streams. Days immersed with oneself and family, friends. Staring endlessly at sky dominated forests.


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